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úcta k člověku
a respekt k prostoru



Stable company with a long tradition

We are a business company engaged in designing and equipping gastronomic outlets.
We offer complex services to our clients, from project creation through the realization itself to putting the project into operation. We always tailor to the client’s needs, both for small and big enterprises. Among our clients there count building investors, owners and keepers of hotels, catering facilities, and restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, and fast foods. We have realized many commissions during more than 25 years of our existence, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Project activities

On the basis of our client’s demands we search for an optimal solution regarding disposition arrangement and the suggestion of technological equipment. We always respect client’s requirements and the opportunities the place holds. We are not afraid of designing imaginative and maximally functional solutions. Our complex services include also ensuring authorial and technical supervision during the process of realization, and attendance at control days. We supply all projects both electronically and in printed form, not only in Czech but also in four world languages – English, German, Russian, and Italian.

Supply of gastronomic equipment

As for the clients whose project has already been elaborated, we are more than happy to assist with its realization and to advise regarding the selection of technological equipment. We take the machines and equipment for gastronomic outlets from suppliers with whom we co-operate on a long-term basis.

Nobody wants to pay more than absolutely necessary. Our branch is no exception. Our main principle is finding the optimal composition of the client’s gastronomic outlet for a reasonable price. If a complete commission is ordered – that is its project preparation and the subsequent realization – the project processing is free of charge.

Success underlined by quality

Our advantage is that being a small company we are able to react flexibly to changes and clients’ demands. We always strive for the realization of our customers’ conceptions to the maximal degree possible. What our customers probably value most in us is the precision of projects’ realization, our flexibility, reliability, and accountability. We are neither unerring nor faultless, although we would wish to be, but we do not avoid the responsibility for our mistakes.


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